Sunday, October 05, 2008

More hypocrisy from the Righteous*

Manchester Council is proposing that a congestion charge of £5 and will be having a referendum on the issue in December. As you would expect the debate is robust with a strong No campaign which has the Righteous up in arms and not least because one of the best known companies in the area, Kellog's, has come down on the No side and has made this clear to its employees.

Kellogg's, which employs 1,000 people in Trafford, is one of several firms which have united to oppose the plans.

Its staff have been asked to respond to the consultation with reasons copied from a "No" campaign website.

They were asked in an e-mail sent by communications director Chris Wermann.

OK there is an argument against companies ordering their staff to do their bidding so maybe the Righteous have a point:
But "Yes" campaigners said the move was "astonishing".

A spokesman said: "It is astonishing that a major multi-national company like Kellogg's should tell their staff that the appropriate way to respond to an official consultation is to "cut and paste" their employer's opinions."

But what the email really does is set out the company's view and points out that this is also the opinion of Unite, the union worker's union. But it ends:
The e-mail then asks employees to "make your voice heard" and directs them to the consultation website.
Notice that, it send them to the consultation web site, not the No web site. Thus allowing the workers to make up their own minds. So we can only conclude that the Righteous are so indignant not because the company is interfering in the worker's right to make up their own minds but because the company supports the No campaign.

This is the type of hypocrisy for with they are rightly and justly despised by so many people.

* H/T Leg-Iron for this wonderful description of those self appointed prod-noses who beleive they are the only ones whose opinions matter. BTW, he is a very good read as well.

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