Monday, October 27, 2008

Hang them, and hang them very high, but only after we have got our money back

To think our licence fee pays for these vulgar, infantile, antics:

Sachs, who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers, was expected to be a guest on the programme, but was unable to appear due to unforeseen circumstances.

Brand and Ross went on to leave a series of messages on the 78-year-old's voicemail during the two-hour radio show, which included obscene comments about Sachs' 23-year-old granddaughter.

In the first message, Ross suddenly swore and said Brand had slept with her.

The very fact they they did this, no matter how spontanauosly, shows that the organisation is rotten to the core. Doesn't anyone there set standards of decency and respect or are they all so bessotted by the stars who walk amonst them that they are blind to what is happening?

If that wasn't bad enough they they went on to make 3 more calls, treating the whole thing as a joke:

Later in the programme, Brand said the only way to rectify the incident was to make another call - but caused further offence after he suggested Sachs might kill himself because of the previous message's revelations.

A third call saw Brand and Ross singing an apology to the actor.

Brand sang: "I'd like to apologise for the terrible attacks, Andrew Sachs. I said some things I didn't have oughta [sic], like I had sex with your granddaughter."

During the fourth call, Brand said: "Now when I watch Fawlty Towers I think I'm going to think I've hurt his feelings."

What were the producers up to? Wasn't anyone else in the building listening and think it was time to put a stop to it? Why aren't we reading about these two oafs being sacked?


I've just seen the 6 o'clock news and learned it was a pre-recorded program. Right then, that's the 2 presenters, producer, editor and everyone in the management chain who is even remotely responsible for this program ahead of the politicians to the lamp posts.

Seriously though, can anyone think of a single reason why there shouldn't be sackings over this?

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