Sunday, October 05, 2008

Technical Bleg

Now I know why DK hates Intrenet Explorer as you shall see.

I am re-designing TGW's web site as I don't like the current one. I've also just bought Dreamweaver CS3 and wanted to use Tabbed panels for easier navigation. I am using an affect where as you put the mouse over a thumbnail a large picture pops up in a designated area. I did this for my first attempt at web design and it works well enough in most browsers, you can see what I mean by following this link or any of the sidebar links.

Using Dreamweaver CS3 I have put each of the "gallaries" in a tabbed panel using exactly the same HTML code. In tabbedpanel (o) (home) I have a slideshow with some details. The rest of the tabbed panels are for pictures.

All works well in Firefox (my default browser), Opera and Safari. However when I decided to do a quick test with IE7 I get a really weird affect.

When the home page comes up there is only the slideshow visible. When I click the mouse anywhere in the content area the rest of the content becomes visible.

When I select any of the other tabbed panels there is nothing showing until I click the mouse anywhere in the content area and then all the content pops up.

Sometimes though, some of the tabs work OK and there is no rhyme nor reason as to which ones.

I have tried this on Windows XP and Vista OS and get the same problem.

Anybody got any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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Lorenzo said...

I found Google Chrome can throw up differences to all the other browsers you mentioned too, so I check my pages with GC as well, but as to your problem, it's all beyond me, sorry.