Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Umm, its broke, innit?

The punch line to this is great:

A £6,000 sculpture on display at an exhibition in London, curated by artist Tracey Emin, has been smashed.

A visitor fell into a cordoned-off area, knocking the work to the floor where it broke into hundreds of pieces.

I go to the Royal Academy summer exhibition every year and there is some good stuff and some real crap and price isn't really a guide. They also do stuff it in to some of the rooms so it is hardly surprising this accident happened.

What really tickled me was this response:
It added that the Royal Academy was now "arranging for a conservator to come in to assess the damage so that we can inform our insurers".
Its in thousands of pieces, what more do they need to know? Pay up £6k and move on. It will cost more than £6k to stick back together and who wants a maze like figurine?

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