Friday, July 11, 2008

Councils 'happy not to sell data'

WTF is this all about I thought when saw the headline. Well it seems that the state has yet again been demonstrating how it owns us and selling information about us which we have to submit to get on the electoral register.

Individuals can ask councils not to pass on their details to firms.
Oh so its our fault then. Just like any common consumer using the web I have to search through the small print and find that box that says I want my data kept secure and not sold to some markeing firm.

But fear not, it appears our saviour was the Govenrment, but not for the reasons you may think. No its not because it should be secure data that we have to provide if we want to vote, not because its not their to sell in the first place. The reason is spin:
The government-commissioned review said providing electoral roll information to marketing firms gave a "poor message".
Thats right, itgives a poor message. Fucking right it does if I had realised this I would have given the a real poor message.

And the response of the local authorities?
But the Local Government Association told the BBC it was "no skin off our noses" to stop, as the practice was "fiddly" and made "very little money".
Oh diddums, it was a fiddly job and they didn't get much money.

is there anyone working for the state who has the merest concern for our civil liberties? Are they all so divorced from the real world that they never think that they are in a position of responsibility and have access to personal information that we don't want shred with the local Viagra salesman?

And they wonder why they are held in such contempt. Bastards, the lot of em.

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