Saturday, July 12, 2008

Does anyone support and defend Gordon?

Other than the usual sycophants and parliamentary and Labour payroll votes.

This wasnt meant to be a rhetorical question; I asked it of myself after reading this from The Magistrate:

There is a crisis in knife crime. So the Prime Minister is going to tackle it.
Righty-ho Mr.PM, sir;
What plan will you work out this weekend that has evaded the rest of us over the years?
What will you do that could make a shred of difference to London's underclass, starting Monday?
Why didn't you do it last week? Or last year?
Won't this just serve to distract senior police from getting on with their job?
Just how stupid do you think we are?
The Magistrate is a fairly level headed person and hasn't shown a great tendency to got directly involved in politics and Brown bashing for the sake of it/ This got me thinking that I must look for some arguments that support Gordon as it is not good to keep getting my own prejudices reinforced. (I was given this advice by an Army Education Major a long time ago and have found it to be very valuable).

Don't get me wrong, I try to read a wide range of views and opinions and I take quite a few left of centre blogs in my RSS feeds, most notably LabourHome, Neil Harding, The Yorkshire Ranter, John B (Banditry and Sharpener) and Labour and Capital. None of these is a cheerleader for Gordon and indeed as this post from Labourhome show, the left can be just as vitriolic in their condemnation of Brown as the right:
Are there really people out there who think Gordon Brown should continue to lead the Labour Party? I find it hard to believe.

As I have said before I do think Gordon is a decent man and is driven by decent values - after all he spent most of the last 11 years attempting to radically reduce poverty both here and in the developing world.

But he is just out of his depth as Prime Minister and that is damaging all of us in the Labour Party and, ultimately, the country.

You won't get any argument from me on that third paragraph, which is the reason for this post.

Gordon seems to be hated by those on the right as much as the left hates Maggie, but what is different is that Maggie has many defenders of independent thought, not just the payroll vote. Try as I might I can't find one independent supporter of Gordon who backs his personality, policies and leadership, even if qualified, and thinks he is a good Prime Minister.

So if you are one or know of one please leave a link as I really would like to read the arguments.

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