Monday, July 28, 2008

Labour's muddled thinking on voting for 16 year-olds

Tucked away in the small print from Labour's National Policy Forum at Warwick University we find that they have voted to reduce the age of majority from 18 to 16. Leaving aside that this is purely political because you people are more likely to vote with their hearts and not their heads, they really don't seem to have thought this through.

By lowering the voting age to 16 we are saying that at that age you are mature enough to be a full and respected member of society and can partake in all its splendour, except of course that Labour doesn't really trust you:

You will be compelled to stay on at school to age 18 so they can reduce the unemployment count that you can earn more qualifications

You cannot smoke as Labour has just raised the age at which you can buy tobacco

You are not old enough to drink, drive, stand as an MP and are subject to a whole host of other restrictions.

I'm against lowering the age, but not by much but if it does happen I hope we are going to do it properly and not have 2nd class citizens based on age.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Exactly. This does clash rather with the "staying on at school shite".

Why not make everything legal at 18? Drugs, voting, driving, joining army, getting married etc, and then work from there. Perhaps the 'right' age is 17y6m, perhaps it's 19y2m16d, who knows?

CityUnslicker said...

"you people"....what do you know about your readers???