Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dawn Butler MP

Today I had the misfortune to be working from home and listening to Radio 5 Live's analysis of PMQ's. Labour's representative on the programme was Dawn Butler MP. I had never heard of her until today and now I know why - she is a typical New labour mouthpiece who is incapable of independent though and intelligent debate.

When the discussion turned to David Davis and the by-election her only comments were that it was costing us £85k, a point she repeated ad nauseum. Not once did she attempt to debate the issues and she couldn't even put together a coherent argument why Labour wasn't standing.

So Dawn, lets look at your £85k claim and what it means:

Your Govt spends over c.£600bn pounds a year so that £85k won't even enter be recorded as a rounding error. So why were you worried about it?

I see that it is less that your expenses which were £157,311 and you were the 32nd most expensive MP in Parliament, some achievement given the others you are competing against. I also note that your travel expenses were £1,185 - how did you spend that much when you constituency is Brent (Wembley for those who don't know London), you could walk round it in less than 1 hour and its only a cheap bus ride to parliament.

Just a thought, but how much has been saved by David not drawing his salary or expenses between his resignation and the by-election? I'll bet you didn't even think about netting that off did you? No, I'll bet you just slavishly sprouted the number.

But I suppose your opposition to David's stance costing us money would be justifiable if you yourself applied that same principle to how our Govt spends money, but you don't, you support ID cards, how much will they cost? £18Bn according to the BBC and we still don't even have a good reason for them other than authoritarian control of us proles.

Talking of which, I also note that you have never voted on a transparent parliament, now there's a surprise, you wouldn't want us proles knowing what you were up to. I see you were also for putting landlords out of business and banning smoking on private businesses premises. (and no, I don't smoke)

All I can say is I'm glad your not my MP as you sound like a typical socialist authoritarian control freak who who doesn't have a clue about liberties and rights.

The sad thing is that you have such a large majority that it is unlikely that you will get your just deserts at the next general election.

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Anonymous said...

I wish Dawn Butler would sometimes listen to herself and realise that Trevor Phillips had a valid point and if she is serious about her career she will use the media to gain prominence...oops..she has been on your show twice this week..and if Ms.Butler is honest about being a minister she knows the 'game' she will have to play,I find her a lightweight..