Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Idioicy of new murder laws

Labour really have taken leave of their senses over the new murder laws?

Firstly they want to make life easier for women who have suffered long term abuse to be spared a murder charge:

The partial defence of "fear of serious violence" could be used by long-term domestic abuse victims, arguing they were forced to kill their abuser.
If someone is being attacked and during that attack manages to kill their assailant while protecting themselves judges are all too often willing dismiss the charge or impose minimal sentences. But that wasn't why the change was brought about from my understanding of the discussion on Radio 4 this morning.

This change is aimed at women who, after years of abuse, kill their spouse, not in the heat of battle, but in a planned way. If they have the presence of mind to plan a killing when their spouse is asleep/drunk/distracted then they should have the presence of mind to get out of the relationship. If the judge thinks that there were exceptional circumstances they don't have to give a life tarriff they can recommend early release.

I appreciate that the convicted person will always be free under licence but they have committed the ultimate crime in a cold blooded way and should know that society holds life to be sacrosanct, no matter how much of a scroat the murdered person was.

This one is the real belter though:
And in "exceptional circumstances" a defendant could successfully claim they killed in response to words or conduct that left them feeling "seriously wronged".
How long do you reckon it will be before someone from the religion of peace uses this as an excuse for killing someone who has, say, drawn a cartoon of the their prophet? And how long before it gets accepted as a legitimate defence?

I don't support the death penalty for murder, no matter how foul, but we have to make sure that this isn't seen as somehow accepting or even condoning cold blooded killing, no matter what the circumstances.

The sooner we get rid of these buffoons who are masquerading as a intelligent human beings the better for all of us.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

A retrospective pardon for The Brookside Two!