Friday, November 07, 2008

More evidnce BBC doesn't understand "customers"

Working from home again today and I've had Radio 5 on and off this morning and the two female presenters I have heard have really got in to a lather over this story :

Quantum of quiet: Cinema group bans children from Bond film so adults can watch it in peace

children will be banned by one cinema group from seeing the new James Bond film so that adults can watch it in peace.

Legally, because Quantum Of Solace has a 12A certificate, children can watch it - although those under 12 need to be accompanied.

However, Vue cinema group found many adults resent children talking, texting and noisily eating in cinemas.
The presenters couldn't get their head round the fact that some adults don't want to be around other people's children. More importantly though they had the MD of the cinema group on at lunch time and he keptanswering the questions with "Our customers have asked for it", which was met with further questions asking him to justify it.

I know the beeb has to be all things to all men (women, ethnic, sexuality etc), but surely they have presenters who are mature enough to realise in the real world if we want to eat we have to provide a service our customers want and will pay for. It wasn't as if this company isn't offering some screenings parents with children and for children on their own.

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TheFatBigot said...

"Adults" as a group are not entitled to special treatment in the New Labour world.

Having restricted viewings for women, those of darker than average pigmentation, those of a non-Christian religious belief or any of the other favoured groups would be trumpeted as a fine example of forward thinking.

It's all about what the great Mr Leg-Iron calls the Righteous and their pets.