Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bizarre political survey question

I've just been surveyed over the phone it is was quite bizarre. The main thrust of the questions was about whether I would vote ate the next election, which party I would vote for, whether I voted at the last election and who for. After this there was a few questions on whether Gordon should be friends with Barack and whether or not USA for a force for good in the world.

All typical political survey questions then a section on Iran and what I knew about it, where I got my knowledge and attitude to the press reporting on Iran.

In between the political bit and Iran I as asked if I played Bingo, had every played bingo or would consider playing bingo! Bizarre!

Anybody got any thoughts on the bingo question?

I reckon the survey was really about whether Gordon's popularity and whether he should support the USA if they decide to bomb Iran.

As they also asked me about my eduction qualifications and where I live the could deduce where I was likely to be in the social class system, so I really thrown by the bingo question.

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