Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Went to see it last night. Not bad, but...

Some of the camera work drove me mad. You know there are some impressive stunts going on but for some reason they went for close ups we made it hard to see what was happening and there was so much cutting and shaking that you couldn't even make out which was bond at times.

If you haven't seen Casino Royale you will lose a lot of the subtlety in the story and humour.

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hesslei said...

Daniel Craig plays James Bond. Craig noted Quantum of Solace required a different performance from him because it is a revenge film, not a love story like Casino Royale. The actor advised Haggis on the script and, as a fan of Marc Forster's films, helped choose him as the director. Craig's physical training for his reprise of the role placed extra effort into running and boxing, to spare him the injuries he sustained on his stunts in the first film.


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