Friday, November 21, 2008

BNP, Human Rights Act, the Left and Geneva Convention

One of the oddities of the Left's attitude to the BNP is their belief that because the BNP doesn't support the HRA they shouldn't be able to benefit from it as demonstrated by Kerry McCarthy:

I liked the way Nick Griffin described the leaking of the list as being in breach of the Human Rights Act... We know his party are great supporters of that piece of legislation - when it suits them.
Yet the left seem to think that the Geneva Convention should apply to Al Quaeda terrorists captured in Afghanistan, even though those terrorists break just about every line of the convention.

They obviously can't make up there mind which bunch of nasty bastards to hate and which to love.

H/T Leg Iron

PS I think the BNP should have the protection of the HRA and those captured by the US should be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Just because they are fascists it doesn't give us the excuse to act like fascists


Mark Wadsworth said...

Hang about here...

Like most people, I have come to realise that the HRA is a crock of shit. That doesn't mean that I want my personal details to be published online, does it?

As an aside, Nick Griffin seems to pretty clued up legally (which is how he wiggled off the hook a couple of years ago, and again when The Powers That Be demanded a fatuous retrial), so if I were him, I'd complain about breaches of Data Protection Act. Or is that only there to protect the likes of Ian Huntley?

[cue daft BBC/Daily Mail style debate on whom is worse, Griffin or Huntley]

The Penguin said...

The Penguin