Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Labour won't recover in the polls

Another interesting conversation during golf yesterday. I was playing against another club and was drawn against a real chatterbox who soon got on to politics. This wasn't your average retired Major of middle class bore, the club we played was an "Artisans" section and the guy I played against was a double glazing fitter.

After he got a bit of a response from me about politicians he didn't shut up about them being corrupt (John Lewis list etc) and authoritarian nannies. He was beside himself over taxes and exorbitant state spending. It was difficult to have a discussion because he wasn't really political, just pissed off.

I have come across a few people like this recently, not really interested in politics but deeply offended by the way that they have been treated and politicians behaviour. Once they get to this point know matter what happens they won't be voting for labour. Tthe best Labour could hope for his abstention.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a taxi driver in 1995. he was so matter of fact when he said there was no point Major bothering to try to win votes that I knew then that the Tories would be in for a massacre.

Here's hoping my antennae are correct and we get a Labour massacre.

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