Friday, August 15, 2008

on this day

in 1987, caning was officially banned in British schools (excluding independent schools).

Having been caned 3 times - once for playing on the grass and twice for smoking - I don't support calls for its return as I'm not convinced it works. All it did for me was piss me off and make me even more determined to be a rebel.

The worst one was for playing on the grass. It was junior school and our playground football game wandered on to the grass. There was no warning, we were straight in front of the headmaster (Harold Wilson*) and given 3 across the palm of the hand and fingers, boy that hurt**. What was worse was that they rang home and told my parents - what a bollocking when I got home.

*This was 1966 when there was another Harold Wilson was as PM

**The other 2 occaisons were across the backside and didn't hurt as much

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Mark Wadsworth said...

"All it did for me was piss me off"

Yup. My psycho Dad once caned me and that confirmed to me that he was a complete twat who was not to be taken seriously.