Friday, August 01, 2008

Off on hols, again

Having just got back in to doing some blogging following lots of distractions eg holidays, decorating , golf and other summer activities, I'm off again in the early hours tomorrow.

This is one of my favourite breaks. I'm staying with a friend in Nefyn, on the Lynn Peninsula. In the mornings we will be playing golf at Nefyn Golf Club, in the afternoons we will be dinghy sailing at Nefyn Sailing Club which is based on the beach. In the evenings it will be lots of the product bought from here.

I anyone is in the area and fancies a beer drop me a line or look at for me in my Laser, sail number 68843 (yes its very old). Unfortunately my golf is all booked up as we are entered in to a number of competitions, except for one day when we are playing Porthmagog Golf Club so I would be happy for anyone to join us for a bit of discourse as we play.

While I'm off doing all this the The Great Wisone goes off looking for suitable painting areas and produces some quite good stuff, although the subject is a bit too bit grey and dull for my liking. You can see some of here picture by following the links in teh sidebar.

I may post a few more today if I get time, but if not happy times to everyone and see you in a week or so.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Hey, have a nice time. Some people go on holiday between blogging, you do the reverse.