Saturday, August 23, 2008

Global warming increases suicide rates in Italy

Yes that's right, a new paper by some very clever people who have analysed the data has shown that there is a possibility that global warming caused an increase in suicides in Italy between 1974 and 2003 and there are some graphs to prove it:

What, you can't see it and don't believe it? Neither can I and that is why the catastrophists insist that we are not qualified to comment anything to do with global warming. Fortunately there are people who do understand the statistical sophistry that goes in to nonsense like this and they are quite capable of explaining what is happening:

How did they do it, you ask? How, when the data look absolutely unrelated, were they able to show a concatenation? Simple: by cheating. I’m going to tell you how they did it later, but how—and why—they got away with it is another matter. It is the fact that they didn’t get caught which fills me with despair and gives rise to my suicidal thoughts.

Why were they allowed to publish? People—and journal editors are in that class—are evidently so hungry for a fright, so eager to learn that their worst fears of global warming are being realized, that they will accept nearly any evidence which corroborates this desire, even if this evidence is transparently ridiculous, as it is here. Every generation has its fads and fallacies, and the evil supposed to be caused by global warming is our fixation.

When you read his explanation, and it is well worth the time, you might join him in those suicidal thoughts, or better still consider setting about the original researchers and peer reviewers with a bicycle chain*.

But before you do read it ponder the headline I have used and whether or not any catastrophist would have read on to fully understand it before using it to justify their position. How many politicians would be lured in to believing this statement and using it to their political advantage? How long would it take something like this to enter the common lexicon as fact?

And the catastrophists wonder why there are so many skeptics.

*I'm watching the Olympic mountain biking as I write this
, hence the choice of weapons

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I can't see it and I don't believe it.

If those bottom grpahs were y axis 'suicides' and x-axis 'temperature' then maybe they would back up the theory that if it's hot enough people go and violent and any warmer, they go lethargic again. Mango Madness it's called in Australia.