Monday, August 25, 2008

On this day - music

A good day for music historians, well for me at least, with 3 notable events:

First up, in 1970 one of my favourits bands, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, made their world debut at Plymouth Guild Hall in Plymouth, England. This video claims, rather tautologically, to be their "first debut performance ever" and is a typical race through a number of pieces familiar to ELP fans!
Next up, in 1975 Bruce Springsteen's album "Born to Run" was released. This evokes some great memories of my first tour of Cyprus in 1976 when I first heard the LP.

And then in 1986 Paul Simon's "Graceland" was released. It was a busy year as I finished a very gruelling 18 month course before being posted to Cyprus for my second tour, this time in the Troodos mountains and I never got round to buying the tape or LP.

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