Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What ever happened to being a straight forward "litter lout"?

This is bloody ridiculous for so many reasons:

The litter police were swift to act after an apple core was tossed on to a pavement from a parked car.

First they got a tip-off, then they traced the owner of the VW Golf - mother-of-three Kate Badger - via its number plate and sent her a £60 fine by post.

But then the case of the alleged phantom fruit-flinger ran into trouble, and could end up costing taxpayers an estimated £5,000.

Ridiculous: Kate Badger, who works in promotions, will go before a crown court jury for allegedly throwing an apple core out of her car window

Miss Badger, 25, insists that she is not the culprit and has triggered a legal battle that has already dogged her for 11 months.

The litter police are acting on a "tip off" and they just send a fixed penalty notice. Whatever happened to the need for evidence? She does right to tell them to get stuffed.

But she isn't even being charged with being a litter lout, no, in this day and age its all about being eco-friendly, so she has been charged with:
knowingly causing the deposit of controlled waste, namely an apple core, on land which did not have a waste management licence" under Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
FFS, an apple as controlled waste! I've got a garden full of the damn things rotting away, am I to be prosecuted?

Furthermore, I always dump by organic waste where it will rot away instead of filling bins. If these bastards follow me round the golf course they'll normally get me at least twice lobbing a banana skin into some bush or other rough land.

And now comes the real insult to democracy:
She denies that charge and a second charge of failing to provide information about who actually did throw the apple.
What's this about, she has to name someone else or be prosecuted herself? Isn't up to the law to prove someone is guilty with evidence and not on the basis of some "tip-off"? As for incriminating someone else of picking up the charge yourself that's Kafkaesque.

I hope that when this goes to Crown Court the jury send a resounding two fingered salute to the system and find her not guilty and ask the judge to make those who brought this prosecution pay costs out of their own pockets.

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