Thursday, February 07, 2008

Manifesto pledges

I suppose we all know instinctively that manifesto pledges aren't contracts because they are open to changes in landscape, but it still comes as a bit of an insult to have our noses rubbed in it by an expensive barrister and a judge. Especially when the judge makes the flippant remark:

Cecilia Ivimy, for the Government, said: "A manifesto promise is incapable of giving rise to a legally binding contract with the electorate. It is a point which is so obvious that I don't want to labour it."

Go on love, labour the point and explain it in clear terms because this really is an important issue.

So, if manifesto pledges or promises or whatever they aren't really promises then there is no need for the Parliament Act, which was used to push through the hunting ban on the basis that it was a manifesto pledge.

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