Monday, February 18, 2008

Northern Rock

I didn't catch it all of Darling's interview on Radio 4 this morning but what I did hear was dreadful. He tried to make nationalising NR sound like the only reason he was doing it to protect us, the tax payers, and that what had gone before was irrelevant. It didn't occur to him that it was Labour's incompetence, and especially that of his former boss that got us in this mess in the first place.

Darling and the rest of New Labour proved the Peter Principle when they drew their second breath.

Does anyone seriously believe that the new management team will really be left to get on with running the business? Apart from the deluded fools who think that Brown was responsible for 10 years of economic growth.

Can you really see foreclosures being allowed when people default on their mortgage? Just wait for the first one to hit the headlines, it will probably be some hard done by single mum with 3 kids and a sob story, and this shower of shit for a Government will be round at the bank before you can say PR disaster telling the managers what to do.

The there's the job losses; are they really going to happen? Well, given this mess was about protecting jobs I thing we can safely say no to that one.

This has got 60's and 70's wild cat strikes and other protests written all over.


Phil A said...

Re your comment on Gordon’s glove puppet “It didn't occur to him that it was Labour's incompetence, and especially that of his former boss that got us in this mess in the first place.”

It may be that he is just that blind, but more believably it may be that he is desperately hoping that the electorate aren’t bright enough to note, or remember, exactly that.

It may also be that the New Labour book of excuses is now so (appropriate term ;-) bankrupt, that this is the best excuse he can manage, or maybe feels is actually warranted.

The Great Simpleton said...


It is a standard political postion to assume we are idiots and will forget these things at the next election. When will they realise a bit of honesty and mea culpa is respected far more than spin and that we may even forgive their sins if they would just own up once in a while.

Phil A said...

TGS, Honesty, or straight forwardness, from a politician would be very welcome – but sadly make hens teeth look common by comparison.

Instead they demonstrate their contempt for us by treating us like idiots.

The converse of this is that there must be enough idiots in the electorate for them to be able to calculate they will get away with it.

If were otherwise then politicians who do treat the electorate like idiots would gradually be eliminated from political office, instead of the reverse.