Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poor Darren Minnikin

I made the point about the first Rocker to be evicted yesterday would cause a bit of a stir and now Guido is reporting that a Mr Minnikin is going to get his 15 mins of fame in a way that he probably wasn't expecting:

Government to Make Darren Minnikins Homeless

In Bishop Auckland right now the "People's Bank" is attempting to make Darren Minnikin homeless.

Claim 8PA12900:
Northern Rock plc versus Mr Darren Minnikin

Congratulations Mr Minnikin. You are the first victim of socialist economics today...

If this gets stopped you can expect the loan book to look a lot worse very soon now as the rest of the mortgage holders start to miss payments


MarkC said...

Leaving aside what may be a poor attempt at humour at Guido's, I doubt Mr Minnikin's problems started recently. But I can see endless scope for people who didn't pay their Northern Rock mortgages for one reason or another pleading that the Government is making them homeless. Wait, now, for the change in legislation which will herald the next election! No more forced sale of houses! Default all you like! "The Lenders" - those nasty evil banks who force people to borrow money and then make it impossible for them to repay the loan - will have to "absorb the cost" "in their profits" - because they make billions, right? Gordo and Darling, the saviours of the poor helpless victims of rapacious mortgage lenders!

Strangely, I'd always thought that if you didn't pay your mortgage, you were making yourself homeless, but that's just me....

You summed it up neatly in your last para; if Gordo bails this guy out, I'm moving my mortgage to the Crock as well. And then I sense I'll be able to achieve my ambition of spending a couple of years riding my motorbike round Europe and beyond rather sooner than presently looks likely.

The Great Simpleton said...


Yes, Guido does make his points in his own uniques style.

Although I like the comment about defaulting I can't claim ownership. I think it was Longrider.

You are right, banks are now going to be under enormous pressure not to foreclose. Even if not through legislation there will be a huge amount of moral pressure from the Goverenement and the softer ends of the fourth estate.

On my part I will be moving my savings to NR at the end of this month because no matter what the Governement says about not distorting competition there is now zero risk on onvesting there, which has to be worth, sy, 0.5% or something like that.