Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging light

I've been a bit distracted lately and not been blogging very much. This isn't because I haven't had much to say but because I've been busy redesigning The Great Wiseone's (TGW) web site. I'm not a web designer and only taught myself how to write and publish a web site a couple of years ago. However since then I have been looking to improve my knowledge and skill.

The first web site was extremely basic using Front Page. Since then I have added hand coding of HTLM and CSS to my knowledge base and done a couple of minor upgrades but I'm still not happy with the sizing and also the gallery selection method. I recently purchased Dreaweaver CS3 for this latest update and it is that which is taking my time. I am almost there with the basic design and need to get TGW to agree the colours and basic design and then sign it off. After that will be the slog of building all the "gallaries".

The real reason I got Dreamweaver is that I have set myself another project which also requires me to learn PHP and MySQL as these are the languages used on the main web site I will be extending. I will doing this once TGW's new design has been published and I expect this to take most of the winter.

This hasn't stopped me reading blogs in my lunchtime and often when I am sat with TGW watching TV later in the evenings and a summary of some thoughts will follow.

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