Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st anniversary invite for a beer

On Nov 3rd it will be one year since I found the world of blogging and started writing the odd post myself. During that time I have learned so much that I must feel like a blind person who's sight was suddenly restored.

More of that nearer the time but in celebration I would like to invite anyone who has passed by or whose blogs is in the blogroll to join me for a short stroll and then I will buy you a beer. I appreciate that most people are London based so I though we could go for a stroll round central London, starting at, say, Trafalgar Square and going round Parliament and back before finding a decent pub.

Unfortunately I can't do the 3rd or 4th as I am busy so it have to be the Wednesday 5th, which is means if we are really luck we might even meet some fellow bloggers like Old Holborn or Trixy. It could be quite a party.

I will be wearing a badge with TGS on it so please introduce yourself to claim your beer.


Old Holborn said...

Fuck me, a Yorkshireman buying a beer.

I'll be carrying red roses

Old Holborn said...

PS. I've linked you. Get the beers in.

Trixy said...

And it's my birthday on the 3rd so you can buy me a belated birthday drink

Vindico said...

I shall pack some marmelade sandwiches for the journey to big smoke! (Provided nothing important crops up).

Also, just to clarify, the fact you want to strole round Parliament on November 5th doesn't mean I'm going to be dragged into some sordid little plot of yours?

The Great Simpleton said...

Of course it isn't a plot, that would be illegal. It isn't a demo either as that would be illegal.

Its just a few on line acquitances getting tigether for a stoll and a chat - a sort of ramblers group with attitude (and decent clothes)

Mark Wadsworth said...

So is this pencilled in to coincide with Old Holborn's stroll?

The Great Simpleton said...


Yes it does. Purely coincidentally though.