Sunday, December 02, 2007

Labour home - cloud cuckoo land

Over at Labourhome they really don't get what's been going on and have a piece called: If we had state funding for political parties, we wouldn't be in this mess.

No you numpties, if you didn't have corrupt, selfish, leaders you wouldn't be in this mess. Its not compulsory to spend vast fortunes on adverts, leaflets, television ads and all the rest of the paraphernalia. Yes it would be nice, just like I would find it very nice to have a yacht, but I can't afford it.

There's more, one poster even thinks it would be possible to set up a system that would exclude the BNP if the got in to power. Now, I despise the BNP as much as the next man, but as long as they are a legal party shenanigans like this just show the real reason they want state funding - to pull up the ladder and leave us stuck with the same old parties.

Then another poster proposes we all get £3 to spend and can indicate who we want it to go to at a general election. Hang on a minute, what about independents? Oh, I get it, they might take votes from you so you don't want them getting any near state funding.

If these lot are typical of the membership of the Labour party there's no wonder there is such a bunch of corrupt bastards at the top.

I look forward to the first Chav standing up in court and saying - I wouldn't have nicked that Rolls, m'lud, if the state had given me enough to buy one.

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Shug Niggurath said...

Yeah - essentially the argument for state funding is to keep politics clean - but all it'll do is allow the bigger parties to slowly choke the smaller ones, especially the smaller ones who cause them real problems, just how much funding would the SNP get with it's 9 or 10 MP's on average? I know they'd be able to ramp it up in the SP elections but it's an undesirable road to go down.

How could a UKIP have came along? Or a Scottish Socialist party for that matter.