Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Did any Labour politicians read their election funding law?

Just a thought but it does seem that some of our senior Labour politicians are pig ignorant of the laws they passed. As the beeb points out in this piece:

Labour officials have been holding talks with the commission over how the money should be re-paid.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised to return the donations.

But Electoral Commission sources now say the money is likely to be forfeited by Mr Abrahams and paid into government reserves.

Under electoral law donations have to be given back to the donor within 30 days - after which the money is paid into the Treasury's Consolidated Fund

So not only were they stupid enough to break the laws they enacted they didn't have the commons sense to read the law when they were found out!

That in itself is pretty fucking stupid, but when you consider this:

Commission sources said the Conservative Party had been forced to forfeit £25,000 it had wrongly accepted in July this year from Gareth Lake.

That's right, their worst enemies were found guilty of the same crime and they didn't have the gumption to think the same rules would apply to them.

Is there one person in the Labour Party with an ounce of common sense?

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