Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hoving house - The start

We have been looking around to see if there is anything on the market that meets our requirements. We don't want to move as we know it is a stressful experience and not cheap. However we are getting older and my wife needs a studio on ground level.

Anyway, yesterday we saw a house and are seriously contemplating making an offer so this is the start of what I expect to be a series of blogs (rants) on the trials and tribulations of buying, selling and moving.


Mark Wadsworth said...

While I'm here, our house has been on the market for a week or two, and the estate agent told me today that basically it was all over, forget it.

The Great Simpleton said...


I have been in 2 minds about whether to do this as most of the indicators are not good. However I have the safety net that I can rent my current house for more than the interest on any loan I need to buy the new one. But thanks for the warning and kind comments in the other comments.