Friday, November 23, 2007

At last some General competence

Following the concerted attack on the Government in general and the PM in particular by 5 former chiefs of the defence staff, the Government complains it was a planned attack. Fucking hell, these were some of the best military strategists of the past 20 years or so, what the fuck did they expect when they continually ignored warnings that the Armed Forces were close to breaking point?

Instead of whingeing, perhaps the incompetent bunch of wankers that claim to be Governing us should be asking the form CDS's to teach them how to implement policy in an effective and competent way, then we might not get as many fuck ups like the HMRC debacle.

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Elaib Harvey said...

That being said, maybe these great strategist might have some personal interests in increased Defence spending, most of them have (unannounced in the debate) significant interests in defence contractors. This of course does not mean thatr waht they say isn't valid, far from it, but there maybe more to it than initially meets the eye. Go have a look at Defence of the Realm blog to get a better overview.