Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The "brick-in-the-face game

The “brick-in-the-face” game that is going round is quite amusing, so I thought I would give it a go:

1. Every politicians being interviewed on Today/Newsnight who doesn’t give a forthright answer.
Answer the fucking question you arseholes. We don’t listen in to these programmes to hear you wittering, lying and evading difficult questions, we want some answers, which is why you are there, you moron. If you aren’t going to answer the questions resign your seat and we’ll get someone in who will.

2. Anthea Turner
As a representative of our celebocracy. Fucking witless beings that are famous for being famous, but are just a waste of good oxygen. There aren’t enough bricks on the planet for this lot

3. Eamonn Holmes
Because he costs me a fortune in radios. Every time I turn the radio on and hear his babble I throw the thing through the window. Which morons in the beeb hired this egomaniac, they should be bricked as well. Holmes makes the ginger twat look like a beacon of modesty.
4. Ebagum –
Or Mugabe to the rest of you. I worked in Zimbabwe straight after independence and this excuse for a human being has taken all the hopes and aspirations of a nascent country an slowly snuffed them out. And while I’m doing it I’ll also round up those who fawned on him in the ‘70’s and 80’s telling us what a great man he was going to be – fucking left wing idiots

5. The Goblin King
There’s umpteen reason for this one but I have 2 that really make me spit: I don’t want to be dependent on the state when I grow old, I want to work hard and save for my retirement and what does he do?Ssteal from my hard earned pension fund and piss it up against the wall in a vain attempt to improve our social services. Secondly, for fucking up the one thing that did appear to have been a good move – BoE independence. We now know that that was a typical NuLab PR stunt where nobody looked at the detail and thought about how it would work in a time of crises.

6. Tony Blair
For driving the final nail in the coffin of public trust in our leaders. How I detest this man. This one really is personal, I trusted him over security issues and he treated me like a gullible fool. Boy, would I enjoy this one.

7. Al Gore
I didn’t like him as VP and I like him even less following an Inconvenient Charade. This man is more dangerous now than when he had the potential to blow up the world, at least then if Clinton was incapacitated there were some Generals around to offer wise council. Now he is surrounded by sycophants who pander his over bloated ego he has the ability to cripple the world economy with his reckless claims of the consequences of global warming and what he thinks we need to do to correct it i.e. impoverish ourselves. Wanker of the first order.

8. Michael Moore
Do I need to justify this one?

9. Anyone who goes on a radio phone-in and justifies their obnoxious position by saying “it stands to reason”, “its only common sense” or any other empty phrase that replces debate and argument.
All this shows is that they haven’t got the mental capacity to think an original thought or understand an argument. Oh, and while I’m doing them I’ll also have a go at radio presenters and producers who let them on in the first place

10. Peter Ridsdale and the rest of his Board
For fucking up a once great club.

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